Project: Mad Catz


MadCatz was going to present at a conference and they wanted to create¬†a funny and goofy presentation. Alex “Big Boy” Verrey created 2 different skits, each one focusing on a awesome MadCatz product. I filmed all the footage, created all the special effects, and edited all the footage into these 3 videos.

Bare in mind that these were supposed to be super cheesy, thus the not so great green screening etc. So here you have it. Also see if you can spot some of the easter eggs in the videos!

The first video is a looping video that would play while guest took their seats:

The second video was a skit about Tritton’s Co-Branded headset range that we worked with Microsoft to create:

Last but not least, the third video was focused on the MadCatz Mustang Game Controller – which I am partial to.