Project: Tony Robbins


I was hired by Robbins Research International initially to come in and help create a new theme for their website. Boy, did it quickly grow into something bigger. Let me tell you the story.

The first day I was there, they gave me access and I was in the backend fairly quickly and pain-free. I asked for a day of poking around to see what was going on and they agreed that it would be fine. Awesome. Man, that theme was messed up in a whole bunch of different ways. You could just tell by looking at the code that there have been more than a couple of hands that have touched it.

Time to talk to the Art Director to ask her a couple of questions about the history of the site. Wow! she broke it down for me real good! I come to find out that the theme was crowd-sourced. Not only that but prior to my hire, two different agencies have come in and made their own changes, but never finished the job! Who does that?

Long story short, I suggested that the best case scenario in this situation would be to create a completely new theme with a well thought out data structure and a more user-friendly interface. They wholeheartedly agreed.

The live site has some changes to the original theme that I created. I linked to the site as it was on launch day, February 29th, 2016.

Take a look at the visuals that ended up being approved: