Project: At the end of the day…


We really had to choose between these two?! I mean, come on… really? This election has got to be the worst I’ve ever seen in my entire life span. It kind of serves us right though. The American people have spoken. They wanted change – we all wanted change. I just didn’t think that change would come in the form of “The Don.”

What do we do from here?

It is definitely going to be interesting when we all wake up tomorrow. Will everyone have some messed up hair and start doing duck faces everywhere they go? Probably not. I am also contemplating whether or not what I am saying is making any type of sense. I’ve been up watching these results and quite frankly, it’s waaaaaaaay past my bedtime. Man I’m getting old.

I was really hoping that he wouldn’t win, but I sure do hope we somehow make “America great again.” I just don’t know, like the rest of America, how the hell he intends on doing it.