Project: Flores Pets


I met the owner of Flores Pet Supplies while shopping for my dog at the swap meet when I lived in San Diego. I got to know him pretty well and I offered to rebrand his small company. He was all for it! I asked Hector what type of look and feel he wanted out of a new logo design – he knew right off the bat without hesitation as he yelled out the word fun.┬áHe really did yell it out too! Thankfully we were at his house so no one got startled.

So this was the original logo that Hector had on his website and marketing materials:

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.36.05 PM

I mean it’s not bad by all means. It had nice typography but it was lacking the fun factor that Hector so desperately wanted. He also made the site himself, and also stated that when we initially chatted about doing this. Again, for someone that doesn’t make website he did a pretty decent job of it.

Here are the ideas that I had when Hector said a fun logo:

Hector liked the second option with the sun. We went into negotiations for price on the logo, but unfortunately we were not able to come to an agreement and Hector decided to not rebrand – and I totally respected that.

It still was a fun project and I am happy with the logos!